Ray's Lemonade


Shine with Ray's!

Our lemonade is designed to bring you a great high, courtesy of the fast-acting THC and CBD oils we use in our product. When you open a bottle of Ray’s Infused Lemonade™, you’re preparing to enjoy a delicious drink made with high-quality ingredients.

Flavor and value are unmatched, this is by far my favorite edible product that I have tried on the market. I also really appreciate the variety of different flavors that you can choose from.

Nic A.

For what you get at the price, it is an amazing deal. I have tried a couple different products similar and this outranks any of them by a landslide.

John L.

I don't use weed products very often, and I am still fairly new to using them, but I appreciate that with Ray's you are able to gauge how much you are getting, and that it has an easy taste to consume.

Annette W.

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