Ray's Lemonade


When you need to quench your thirst but want to get a little stoned, what’s the solution? Ray’s Lemonades. These infused lemonades come in THC, CBD, and THC:CBD varieties. Ray’s Lemonades are produced by a tier 3 cannabis producer and processor in Clayton Washington. The lemonades are also made from high quality distillate. Distillate is a very clean form of extraction meaning it is free of any impurities.


Now you may be asking yourself, why would I want a lemonade over yummy gummies or scrumptious brownies? For the microdoser, drinks are easier to dose out. Just simply sip down the amount that you need and recap it and put it in the fridge keeping it fresh and tasty. Maybe  even mix a little bit into a cannabis cocktail. For the heavyweight edible enthusiasts, it is easier and quicker to gulp down a drink compared to gnawing down a whole pack of hard candies.

Another highlight of drinking your cannabis rather than eating it is that it kicks in faster and many times harder. Edibles need time to digest and break down in your system to feel effect. Meanwhile drinks are already in a liquid form meaning that they pass right through your system instantly absorbing the THC into your body so you can feel effects sooner.

I have been a big fan of the Ray’s lemonades and there are so many flavor options to choose from. From original, to raspberry lemonade, pineapple, huckleberry, and more! Each drink is refreshing and does not have the heavy cannabis taste that some edible products carry. My favorite is the huckleberry, it has just the right amount of huckleberry and is not overpowering and has a lot of carbonation which I love. Hurry down to Locals and try one today!

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