Ray's Lemonade

RMR Guide To The Best 21 Cannabis Products of 2021

As a team of true cannaseurs, Respect My Region has tried thousands of legal cannabis products across the United States, ranging from classic flowers to concentrates, edibles, and everything in between. As a part of our 2021 North American Weed Tour, we’ve completed hundreds of honest reviews on a variety of weed products, from live taste tests on YouTube to thorough articles on our platform.

We took a look back at everything we’ve tried this year, from up and down the West Coast to across the country in states like Florida and Massachusetts, and chose our favorite legal cannabis products of 2021 in the US. Without further ado, Respect My Region presents our picks for the top cannabis products of 2021. Continue reading to learn more and check out our reviews.

Tropical Kush by Ray’s Lemonade

Tropical Kush is a 100 mg beverage for around $20, which is a good price point for a dosage this intense. The cap at the bottom serves as a serving cup in case the user wants to measure it out.

The drink needs to be shaken, and when you sip it, it resembles the taste of a piña colada. There’s a strong hint of cannabis on the aftertaste, but there are no remnants in the drink. It’s not too fizzy, and the flavor is not overwhelmingly sweet or artificial tasting.

Mitch gives it an easy 9.5/10 on the taste and across the board. With a drink this strong, it’s nearly impossible to fully mask the taste of cannabis. However, this lemonade gives a fruity and smooth flavor profile. Mitch recommends it and would buy it again.

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